Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy. Mothers Day!

Today, we had the opportunity to attend church at York Minster. It is an amazing experience to worship in an 800-year-old church, especially one as beautiful as the Minster. The choir was amazing and the priest gave an excellent sermon.

Then, after a quick trip back to the hostel tom change clothes, we headed for the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Along with the tower of London, this museum holds much of the royal armour collection along with weapons from the medieval period to today. Some of the armour in the jousting collection, including some worn by Henry VIII was especially fun.

After this, the students had the opportunity to remain in Leeds or head back to York. Some of them went with Tim to the Henry Moore Institute, some went to explore Leeds, and the rest headed back to York with Caitlin.

at Micklegate bar in York

-The Corn Exchange in Leeds

At the Royal Armouries

This jousting helmet just struck me as funny

In the Victorian Shopping quarter in Leeds

on the medieval walls at York

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Location:York and Leeds, England

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