Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today, we left London and travelled to York. The students had their first experience of British rail and dragging their suitcases on and off trains. It has been overcast and a bit rainy, but it remains warm. Once in York, we visited York Minster, the second-largest Cathedral in northern Europe at 517 feet long and 200 feet high. The site of the minster has been occupied since the 2nd century when the Romans built a military fort here. In the crypt of the cathedral it is still possible to see some of the Roman buildings including the foundations of the 4th century Roman basilica and the 11th century Romanesque church. The current Gothic cathedral was under construction from the 13th through the 15 centuries.

After the cathedral, the students were free to explore the town, walk on the medieval town walls, and see the castle.

The Five Sisters window in the background is almost 80 feet high


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Location:Micklegate, York

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