Friday, May 13, 2011

off to Wales

Today we spent the morning and part of the afternoon in Wales. First we visited Chepstow Castle, begun in 1067 under William I and used until the 17th century. This was one of the first stone castles in England. It is also associated with William Marshall and Edward I, the English king who fully conquered Wales. upon arriving, we were told that a BBC crew was their filming an episode of the television show Merlin, however, it ended up that they had left before we arrived. Some of the students were quite disappointed, but at least they may recognize Chepstow Castle when it appears in the episode.

Next it was a short drive to Tintern Abbey. This was the first Cistercian monastery in Wales and is also famous for where a number of Romantic artists and writers visited. The Cistercians were a monastic order founded in the early 12th century to reform the Benedictine Rule and to re-emphasize simplicity and hard work. After a short tour, the students had some time to climb over the site.

Then it was back to Bath for the afternoon. A number of students stopped by Sally Lunns for their famous buns that have been served there since 1680. The restaurant is also housed in the oldest home in Bath. It dates back to the 1480's.

Tomorrow is a long travel day to France. I am not sure whether I will always have access to wireless so it may be a couple of days between postings.

in the great hall at Chepstow


a reconstructed room

playing at the castle

the main church at Tintern Abbey

In the cloister

the chapter house

the choir monks dornitory

a doorway for Mark Terry

Sally Lunns

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