Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our last full day in France

Today the students had a free day to do whatever they wanted in Paris. Much of the group started out at Sainte-Chapelle, a chapel built by Louis IX in the 1240s to house part of the crown of thorns. It has the largest amount of surviving medieval stained glass of any building in France.

Next, it was off to the Crypt of Notre Dame where it is possible to see the foundations of Paris from the fourth through the seventh century. At that point, part of the students headed to Versailles, while others went to the Musee National du Moyen-Age to see the Unicorn Tapestries.

The students then broke into smaller groups to see various parks, museums and to purchase their last souvenirs. The group plans to meet at 8pm tonight and travel to see the Eiffel Tower one last time before heading back to finish packing.


The Gallo-Roman house and streets underneath modern Paris

A fourth-century Christian tombstone

Notre Dame Cathedralk

Saint Denis was beheaded so he is always shown carrying his head

Medieval stained glass of the story of St Martin

This was showing the modern Playmobile knight and the small medieval swords that once went with toy knights

The group is a bit tired out

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