Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today was mostly a travel day as we continue to make our way across to eastern France. We finally arrived in Reims around 3pm and checked into our hotel. Then it was off to visit Reims Cathedral which is an excellent example of high gothic French architecture. The present cathedral was begun in 1211, but was heavily damaged during WWI. It is well-known for its rose windows and the 2000 statues that survive. The was a major change from the English cathedrals where groups like the Puritans had destroyed almost all of the statuary in the 17th century.

Next, it was off to the art museum and then the students were free to get some dinner and wander around the town. tonight there was an amazing light display on the cathedral recreating how it would have looked in the Middle Ages when all of it was painted. I will try to get some pictures from Tim to post since my camera was not able to take good pictures of the event.

-Our hotel in Reims

The Cathedral at Reims

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What is left of the 2nd century Roman wall around Reims


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