Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our second day in London

Today, we had a somewhat relaxing start and did not depart the hotel until almost 10am. We then went to the Brutish Museum where Caitlin and Tim did the highlights of the Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman and early medieval collection. after a lunch break, some of the students took off to do some shopping while the others went to the British Library. There they saw original music manuscripts from composers like Mozart and Handel, the
Lindisfarne Gospels and a Gutenberg Bible, handwritten manuscripts by Jane Austin and The Bronte sisters along with a lot of other famous works. Next the group broke up to explore different parts of London.

In the Assyrian rooms


Jen, Erin and Allie trying to imitate some of the Parthenon freezes

One the tube...

the hotel attached to the St Pancras railway terminal

Corked thought this wine that you could buy in a glass at the grocery store was funny. Not sure if it is better than wine in a box

one of the streets in Covent Garden

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Location:Goodman's Yard, London

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  1. Was your use of the "Brutish" Museum Freudian in some way? I always thought the Brits were supposed to be civil ladies and gentlemen, not brutes. (;